HCTW news brief: Hang up your troubles on the Minnesota H1N1 hotline

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, October 23, 2009

As H1N1 concerns flood doctors' offices and emergency rooms, many facilities are looking for ways to calm patient worries. To help with Minnesota residents' concerns, the state has launched its first statewide 24-hour flu help line to offer advice to those who think they might have the flu.

Healthcare providers believe that the new hotline—Minnesota FluLine—will stretch the healthcare system in new ways. With nurse operators working 50 phone lines, concerned residents are sure to receive advice, whether it is more rest and fluids, or a visit to the emergency room for a more serious case.

FluLine is also the first hotline where nurses working for the state service can prescribe medications to the callers. The most common prescription is Tamiflu for those who are particularly susceptible to the H1N1 flu. This includes children younger than two, pregnant women, people older than 65 and others with medical problems.


Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

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