In the know: Tips to help nursing students study smarter

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, October 19, 2009

How many times have your read a couple of pages of text, only to discover you have no idea what you just read? The keys to good studying are effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency. Studying smarter is the ultimate goal, which will increase your retention and decrease your stress level.

Top five tips for studying smarter:

  • Same place, same time. Get into the study habit by designating one are for studying only. Develop a habitual study period and stick with it.
  • Get it together. Gather everything you will need (books, notes, handouts) before you sit down to study.
  • Browse the headlines. Skim the pages of text you are studying, reading subject heading and bulleted or bold-face information. This is the big picture.
  • Find the moral of the story. After reading the headlines, ask yourself, "What's important here?" Keep the main ideas and concepts in mind as you go on to study.
  • Have a cup of joe and read. Prop your feet up and read the material. Don't try to memorize right now, just read it.

For more tips, read HCPro's book, Stressed Out About Nursing School.

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