In the know: Graduate school options for nurses

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, September 14, 2009

You may decide at some point in your nursing career that you would like to expand the scope of your practice and responsibilities. Graduate school allows you to pursue an advanced degree focusing on a specialization in the clinical area of your choosing. Advanced practice nurses usually enjoy significantly higher earnings, increased professional autonomy, and greater personal satisfaction with their careers.

The following is a sample of some areas of advanced practice you may want to pursue:

Nurse anesthetist. Nurse anesthesia practice is based on the continuum of care to provide anesthesia services before, during, and after surgical and obstetrical procedures, including patient assessment and monitoring.

Nurse educator. Nurse educators are teachers. Their training prepares them to devise, implement, and evaluate clinical practicum, classroom instructional strategies, and curriculum design. They work as staff development specialists and nursing instructors.

Nurse midwife. Nurse midwives provide primary healthcare for women and newborns, with emphasis on normal pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They also provide services for gynecology and family planning care.

Source: Stressed Out About Nursing School, Second Edition, by HCPro, Inc.

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