In the news: Healthcare workers still face disruptive behavior

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, September 14, 2009

 Out of more than 1,500 healthcare providers, three-fourths reported being the target of unprofessional, intimidating, or inappropriate behavior in the past two years, and 41% said they left their job because of such behavior, reports HealthLeaders Media.

The 64-question survey was designed and distributed in May and June by the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Studer Group, an outcomes-based health consulting firm. Those initiating the behavior were most often nurses, physicians, and administrators, reports HealthLeaders Media.

The Joint Commission has called out for hospitals to quell disruptive behavior in its Sentinel Event Alert released on July 9, 2008 on the grounds that studies have shown disruptive behavior can result in medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, and high staff turnover rates.


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