In the know: What to consider when inserting an IV in pediatric populations

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, August 24, 2009

For new nurses, inserting IVs will soon become quite routine; however, when it comes to pediatric patients, there are a few guidelines to consider, including:

  • Consider the physiologic and developmental factors (e.g., size of veins, clinical status, activity level, fear of strangers).
  • Utilize topical anesthetics whenever possible prior to venipuncture, port access, or other painful procedures.
  • Be aware the vein lumen is much smaller.
  • Verify all calculations. Use a volume-control set. Use an electronic infusion pump, and monitor the patient regularly.
  • Evaluate need for assistance during the procedure. Always use an assistant with active pediatric patients.

Source: Quick-E! IV Clinical Reference. Click here to read more about this resource.

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