Tips from TSE: Nursing research and EBP: Applauding staff nurse initiatives

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, August 14, 2009

The Staff Educator editor Adrianne Avillion shares her thoughts on nursing research and EBP.

The key to successful nursing research initiatives that lead to clinical evidence-based practice depends not so much on PhD-prepared nurse researchers, but on staff nurses who provide bedside care to patients.

On April 30, I had the privilege of attending an annual collaborative research program where staff nurses presented various research findings and how these findings influenced nursing practice and patient care at their facilities. Although PhD nurse researchers acted as mentors and facilitators for the projects, the research investigations were initiated, conducted, and evaluated by staff nurses.

The enthusiasm and dedication of these nurses were truly impressive, exhibiting a respect for a scholarly approach to the practice of nursing. Without exception, the staff nurse researchers displayed a professionalism that made me proud to belong to our profession.

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