In the mix: Study: More than half of ED nurses have been physically assaulted

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, August 3, 2009

An Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) study has found that more than half of emergency department (ED) nurses have experienced physical violence at work, according to an ENA press release.

Physical violence includes getting spit on, hit, pushed or shoved, scratched and kicked. The more detailed statistics are just as alarming. One in four nurses have experienced such abuse more than 20 times in the past three years, and one in five nurses experienced verbal abuse more than 200 times during the same period.

According to the ENA report, Violence Against Nurses Working in U.S. Emergency Departments, more than half of nurses surveyed cited one or more precipitating factors to abuse, including:

Patients or visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs Psychiatric patients being treated in the emergency department

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