Tips from TSE: An evidence-based practice initiative sees results

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, July 31, 2009

The Staff Educator has been following the progress of North Adams (MA) Regional Hospital's efforts to decrease falls and incorporate fall prevention as part of employee performance improvement monitoring since early this year. The hospital is beginning to see results, having already noted a significant reduction in its number of patient falls.

Basic safety measures, such as ensuring that call lights, canes, walkers, and nonskid slippers are within reach and that staff members introduce themselves to patients and families, are also part of the fall prevention program. Other essential components include hourly rounding, frequent fall assessments, and meticulous documentation.

"Rounding is everyone's responsibility, not just nurses or nursing assistants," says Peg Daly, RN, BS, education specialist. "For instance, if PTs, OTs, or case managers are in the room, they can check on the patient, ask him if he needs anything, and sign off on the hourly rounding form."

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