News brief: Celebrating redesignation with 3,000 people-and only one bag of trash

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, July 28, 2009

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, OR, recently celebrated its redesignation as an ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® facility with a huge barbecue for 3,000 people. And as part of its efforts to be a green organization, it also managed to end the event by sending only one bag of trash to a landfill.

The barbecue ran for 24 hours so staff members from all shifts could participate, and featured hamburgers, hot dogs, numerous sides, condiments, fudge bars, and 2,000 12-ounce sodas. The hospital generated so little garbage by using bulk containers for condiments, recycling cans and other material, composting uneaten food, and using corn-based cutlery that is biodegradable. The majority of the trash generated turned out to be the wrappers from the 2,000 fudge bars offered for dessert.

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