Blog spotlight: Twittering nurses connect us all

Nurse Leader Insider, July 13, 2009

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Twitter, the social networking site that allows users to keep friends, family, and colleagues up-to-date on everything that is happening in their lives, is taking the world by storm. Healthcare providers are commenting on surgeries in real time, nurses are reaching out for experts on the latest clinical care best practices, and there is a constant flow of information and advice.

The information you can share is never ending and Twitter is starting to become a useful tool in the nursing world. Here are some ways nurses and nurse managers are using Twitter:

  • Posting information and updates: Most healthcare organizations use e-mail to send important announcements to nursing staff about changes in policy and procedure or to let them know about an upcoming in-service, but some nurses don't check their work e-mails regularly. However, most people with Twitter or Facebook (another form of social media) check those accounts more often. By posting updates to Twitter or Facebook, the information can be received quickly and efficiently.
  • Sharing general information: Whether you want to tell nursing colleagues about a great wound care product you used, or that there is a job opening in your facility, Twitter is a great way to do just that, and allows you to get the news out to multiple people.
  • Asking for advice: No matter how big or small the question is, Twitter subscribers will be more than happy to lend a hand in answering the question themselves, or finding someone to help.

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