In the mix: Chelsea’s Mail: Telling your nurse manager about a mistake

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, June 15, 2009

Q: Have you ever made a mistake or been involved in an accident at work? How did you tell your manager?

A: Just the other day, I was involved in an incident that is going to cause me a couple months of headaches. Thankfully, no one was hurt (although maybe my feelings a little).

It was a simple blood transfusion. I have given blood to hundreds of patients before and this time was no different. It was me and another nurse (you need two nurses to make sure you have the right patient and the right blood) and everything was going just fine. That is, until I spiked the blood bag with the tubing and noticed that, lower on the tubing, it was a little twisted. Remember, the spike is in the blood and the transfusion has already begun. This means I had already taken my gloves off. I went to try and fix the twisted part and somehow the spike came out of the blood bag! There was blood everywhere! My first reaction was to ...

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