In the know: Consider skill level when delegating a nursing task

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, May 18, 2009

Delegation is a multi-step process. First, as the nurse, you determine how, where, and when assistance can be provided. Next, you select an appropriate person. Nurses need to know the skill level of each member in the team to match the assignment properly.

Here are some questions to consider when matching a delegated task with skill level:

  • Is the person licensed or unlicensed?
  • Is the person in orientation or off orientation?
  • How long has the person worked in that role?
  • Has the person been checked off on this particular skill?
  • Does the person feel confident that he or she can complete the task?
  • Does the person need additional training/practice prior to completing the skill independently?

Source: Quick-E! Pro Time Management: A Guide for Nurses. Click here for more information on this new book.

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