In the mix: Chelsea’s Mail: How early is too early to be a preceptor?

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, May 18, 2009

As a nurse just entering the workforce, she provided insight on the fears, anxieties, and successes of her transition. Now, with a little experience under her nursing belt, our contributor Chelsea is starting a new column where she'll be providing weekly insight to help new nurses get a glimpse into their futures and to help experienced RNs and managers learn about their newest generation of colleagues.

Q: It seems like a lot of new nurses are asked to be preceptors pretty early in their careers. Have you been a preceptor? If you have, were you intimidated to do it so early in your career?

A: I actually have gotten the opportunity fairly recently to be a preceptor. It was only for one shift and it was with a new nurse who had been on the floor for a little while, so I haven't experienced the real thing just yet.

But it is a pretty nerve racking thing because you want to give the other nurse his or her autonomy, but on the other hand, you want to know what they are doing at all times so that the work gets done and gets done properly ...

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