Counting down to Nurses Week: How well do you know Florence Nightingale?

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, May 8, 2009

Florence Nightingale is regarded as the founder of modern nursing. She helped establish the profession in its modern form and became a personal hero to nurses of all ages. Her pioneering work during the Crimean War led her to understand that keeping hospitals clean and free from infections improved patient outcomes. Her lifelong devotion to nursing—and her tireless efforts to reform military hospitals—forever changed patient care.

Nightingale is on our minds as we gear up for Nurses Week, which every year ends on her birthday, May 12. So to celebrate Florence and all she has done for nursing, we are giving away 10 copies of our best-selling book Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nurses Eat Their Young and Each Other. To qualify for the drawing, simply provide correct answers to the following five questions about Florence:

  1. In what year was Florence Nightingale born?
  2. By what nickname is Florence Nightingale often known?
  3. During which war did Florence Nightingale learn about the importance of hygiene in controlling infections?
  4. What is the name of the book Florence Nightingale wrote about nursing? (Hint: It was published in 1859 and is still in print today.)
  5. In what city did Florence Nightingale establish her training school for nurses?

Send entries to by May 15. And don’t forget to pass it on to your staff. The 10 winners will be notified by email.

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