In this mix: I am a stressed out nurse because ...

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, April 20, 2009

If you’re not battling stress right now, you're one of the few. As a nurse who has to deal with long hours, a sore back, aching feet, new rules from administration, challenging physicians, moody coworkers, and difficult patients, it’s not easy out there. Throw in a sinking economy and, well, say hello to lots and lots of stress.

But there’s hope—in numbers. There’s comfort in solidarity. When you know everyone is in a similar boat, the waves don’t seem to crash down quite as hard.

That was our thinking behind our most recent contest on We threw out the beginning of a sentence, seven simple words ("I am a stressed out nurse because …) and asked you to give us an ending. Your responses were funny, sad, angry, and heartwarming. Most of all, they were real.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry; they were all excellent, but we had to settle on our 10 favorites because we only had 10 Stressed Out T-shirts to hand out. So, read through them, comment on them, enjoy them, and take comfort in them.

I am a stressed out nurse because …

  1. … stress is my specialty.
  2. … we have cut nurses and I’m working many different positions including assistant DON, ER, Med/Surg, Telemedicine coordinator, and discharge planner.

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