In the news: Lower student loans could come to nurses with higher education

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 23, 2009

Many nurses like to expand their minds with further education, and unfortunately that often leads to expanded college loans as well. But a new bill could lift some of the financial weight off those who use their higher education to train future nurses.

A bill proposed on March 12 by two U.S. representatives would free nurses who earn a master's or doctorate degree and go on to teach full-time at an accredited nursing school from repaying student loans. The Nurses' Higher Education and Loan Repayment Act would institute a federal student loan repayment program in which nurses would receive a maximum of $40,000 for obtaining a master's degree and up to $80,000 for receiving a doctorate degree. Nurses qualifying for loan repayment would need to fulfill a teaching position for at least four years.

The act addresses the significant need for nursing faculty in U.S. colleges and aims to support nurses interested in advancing toward faculty roles.

The American Organization of Nurse Executives subsidiary backs the legislation, according to the American Hospital Association's Web site.

Source: American Hospital Association

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