In the mix: Is there poison in your makeup?

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 23, 2009

Many of the products we buy are infused with chemicals that may be harmful to our health. Take formaldehyde for instance, which is a cheap preservative the U.S. Federal and Drug Administration allows in cosmetics because it is used in very low doses. The problem is formaldehyde is a fat soluble chemical that is absorbed through the skin and stored in fat tissue, meaning formaldehyde levels can build up over time. While you may not care about your face being preserved after you die, you should be concerned about whether this presents an increased risk for cancer.

Several makeup brands on the market tout that they are free of formaldehyde. They generally cost more than the others, but if formaldehyde concerns you, then they may be worth the risk. And unlike major lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, switching makeup brands is a fairly simple way of cutting your cancer risk.

I am aware of multiple companies that produce what they claim to be safe cosmetics, but none of them are sold in stores. Either a wholesale membership permits me to make direct purchases with the company, or a sales representative provides me with free products for referring friends to them.

What do you look for in a beauty product?

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