In the mix: Focus on nurse health: Is organic really better?

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 16, 2009

By Mandy Young, RN

The term "organic" originated in the agricultural industry. Organic farmers used environmentally friendly and sustainable methods for growing produce instead of relying on cheap pesticides and fertilizers. We now see all kinds of products being labeled as organic because they are free of certain chemicals and/or synthetic compounds.

But when it comes to selecting between the traditional and organic brands, there is often a significant price difference. Is organic really worth paying more for? I guess that answer depends on your values.

Environmentally conscious consumers prefer organic products because they like knowing that they are supporting businesses that help protect the environment. Health-conscious consumers who are concerned about the effects of chemicals, hormones, etc., on the body like purchasing products that are free of these compounds. The organic market has also created a fair trade market in which small scale farmers can charge fair prices for their produce because they don't have to compete with large scale farms.

In my mind, the organic industry is a classic example of how simple change to protect the environment is also beneficial to your individual health. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is better than one without regardless of whether they are organically grown or not.

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