News spotlight: Applaud leaders and staff for improving nursing’s image

Nurse Leader Insider, March 16, 2009

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Nursing is an ever-changing profession. With every shift comes a new challenge to work through. With every patient comes a unique situation nurses must be quick to treat. Don't you think those who navigate through the healthcare obstacle course while maintaining a professional, positive nursing image deserve some recognition?

HCPro's 2009 Nursing Image Awards are your chance to do just that.

"It's about time nurses recognize each other for all that they do," says Shelley Cohen, RN, BS, CEN, president of Health Resources Unlimited, a healthcare education and consulting company in Hohenwald, TN, and one of the judges for the awards that will be handed out at HCPro's Nursing Leadership Summit in Boston, MA, in September. "This is an opportunity to stand proud for all that the profession brings to patient care."

Awards will be presented to an individual or team of nurses and to a nursing leader in two categories:

  1. The image of nursing in clinical practice: Recognizes individual nurses or nursing teams who portray a positive image of nursing through their clinical excellence, and who have made significant contributions to improve patient outcomes, patient safety/quality initiatives, staff satisfaction, practice changes, research or evidence-based practice projects, interdisciplinary collaboration, or organizational goals.
  2. The image of nursing in leadership: Honors a nursing leader who embodies a positive image of nursing through his or her leadership excellence and who has served as an inspiring leader, mentor, and role model to nurses as they strive to portray an image of professionalism in all that they do, whether by overcoming significant challenges, spearheading change, or inspiring teamwork that resulted in achievement of operational goals/objectives.

Award recipients will be honored for improving the image of nursing and recognized in HCPro's national nursing publications, as well as live at the Nursing Leadership Summit.

Editor's note: The deadline for HCPro's 2009 Nursing Image Awards nominations is May 31, 2009. For more information about the awards and to submit nominations, visit

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