HCTW News: Fun fair helps Arizona hospital get staff and the community healthy

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, March 13, 2009

Health fairs be a great way to educate hospital staff and the community about living a healthy lifestyle, as was recently successfully demonstrated by Benson (AZ) Hospital.

Benson recently held its annual health fair in the hospital courtyard featuring live music and 45 vendors. Vendors included Benson’s volunteer fire department, the American Red Cross, a local fitness club, and many others. The health fair had more than 250 visitors, many of whom took advantage of the free blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure screenings.

Along the music and poetry entertainment, visitors received healthy snacks and door prizes. According to clinical nurse educator Margie Anderson, the health fair went over very well and everyone involved was ecstatic about the results.


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