In the mix: Applaud leaders and staff for elevating nursing’s image

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 9, 2009

Since Shelley Cohen, RN, BS, CEN, president of Health Resources Unlimited, a healthcare education and consulting company in Hohenwald, TN, took her first steps in the nursing profession 30 plus years ago, more has changed than the stark white uniform.

"Gloves were unheard of, we smoked at the nursing station, and the more blood you had on yourself at the end of your shift meant you were a better ED nurse," says Cohen. "We never once thought anything about what we said or did—and about how we affected our image."

But nurses today must be well aware of their actions and behavior, which signify their professionalism and education, and thereby positively or negatively shape their individual image and the nursing image as a whole.

And those who improve the image of nursing within their facilities and inspire others to do the same should be celebrated, which is the idea behind HCPro's 2009 Nursing Image Awards.

"It's about time nurses recognize each other for all that they do," says Cohen, who is one of the judges for the awards that will be handed out at HCPro's Nursing Leadership Summit in Boston, MA in September. "This is an opportunity to stand proud for all that the profession brings to patient care."

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