In the know: Try these tricks to manage your time

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, February 16, 2009

Time management is an essential skill for nursing school success. The first step toward effective time management is maintaining a daily planner. If you keep the planner updated and refer to it each night, half the battle is won. But now that you have all your projects, tests, and assignments lined up, how do you prioritize them?

The most time-sensitive projects generally need more of your attention than less critical items. However, putting everything off until they become critical is not productive and can create a lot of unnecessary stress. Here's how to get a handle on things when you find yourself juggling multiple priorities and deadlines:

Make a list. Make a quick list of everything that is on your plate—projects, exams, reading assignments, etc. Be sure to also include items of a personal nature you need to get done (e.g., renew car tags, file taxes, etc.).

Rank 'em. Rank your to-do list items in order of importance. You can star the critical items, number them, or use a color-coded system: red for critical, orange for items due in the near future, yellow for items not due for several weeks.

Divide to conquer. Large projects need to be broken down into smaller chunks to keep them from being overwhelming. Break things down into more manageable parts.

Source: Stressed Out About Nursing School, HCPro, Inc. 2006. Be sure to pick up your copy today!


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