HCTW News: Educate nurses to consider accuracy of evidence-based practice resources

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, February 13, 2009

Nurses are using evidence-based practice (EBP) to question their provision of care and look for ways to improve patient outcomes. But with all the EBP resources available, how do nurses gauge the accuracy and merit of various sources?

According to Paul Cornforth, RN, consultant for Wandsworth Teaching Care Trust located in London, UK, nurses should exercise caution when using EBP information gathered from sources such as newspapers, textbooks, or pharmaceutical company information sheets. Cornforth says these sources could be biased or the data may be outdated by the time a nurse reads it.
According to Cornforth, the following are a few tips to remember when conducting EBP:

  • Base clinical decisions on appropriate evidence
  • Review current EBP resources (e.g., Cochrane Library)
  • Be aware of bias
  • Use more than one source of information when making a decision


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