In the mix: Stay healthy when the crunch comes

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, February 9, 2009

by Mandy Young, RN

Class started back up last week. It's hard to go back after the long break between semesters, but it is also exciting to know this is my last semester. Balancing work, school, and a personal life is a great challenge, and it's at times like this that it can be so easy to stop taking care of yourself. However, I can feel the difference between my old life and my healthy life, and I can do more when I take care of myself.

I'm a good cook, but it isn't something I want to spend all of my free time doing. So when I go through the trouble of making something, I cook in large volumes and portion the food out in Tupperware containers. I'll feast off the leftovers for days, which is far better than anything I could pick up in a cafeteria. In addition to being a timesaver, this is a cheaper way to eat.

I'm a big fan of my George Foreman grill on the days I cook single servings of fish or chicken. It cooks the meat in just minutes and prepackaged salad mixes and vegetables make it easy to throw a good salad together without a lot of work.

Sometimes I will fit my exercise into the day by walking to school instead of catching the shuttle. This means leaving my place a little earlier, but it is an effective cardio workout that gets me from point A to B.

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