HCTW News: Should we move nurses from the computer to smart phones?

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, February 6, 2009

Many physicians, and some nurses, use smart phones (e.g., iPhone or Blackberry) to interact with colleagues and view patient information. But are all nurses ready to use them? One woman thinks so.

Renee McLeod, the director of the Office of Transformational Technologies and Organizations at Arizona State University College of Nursing and Healthcare, recently conducted a presentation on the role of smart phones in nursing education at the Toward an Electronic Patient Record conference in Palm Springs, CA. McLeod feels smart phones fit the way nurses practice because they allow nurses to make patient decisions at the point of care instead of traveling to a computer. This time saving aspect is especially relevant as a recent study from Spyglass Consulting Group stated nurses spend about 81% of their time at nursing stations.

McLeod also sees smart phones as a way for nurses to view patient health records or even watch fetal monitoring, and smart phones can also incorporate hands-free functionality and the ability to project an image on a screen or wall to share information with patients.

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