Inside the program: Create a standout research poster or abstract

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, February 3, 2009

Oftentimes, nurses are asked to present their research findings in the form abstract or poster presentations. These forms of communication have practical guidelines that should be followed to ensure they are effective.

For example, keep the poster text simple by being concise and listing only pertinent information that will be valuable to the audience. Also, avoid using different font types. When trying to emphasize a point of interest, type the word in either bold, underlined, or bold italicized print, but do not use all three. And make sure the text can be easily seen and read from a distance of six feet. Usually, the font size for headings should be about 36-42 points, text within sections should be 24-48 points, acknowledgements should be 14-18 points, and text in tables or graphs should be the smallest font size that allows easy reading. Lastly, avoid more than 10 sentences in one section or block of text.

Source: Adapted from HCPro’s book Nursing Research Program Builder: Strategies to Translate Findings Into Practice.


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