Inside the program: Involve patients in their plan of care

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, January 27, 2009

Patients today are very knowledgeable and want a voice in what treatment approaches will be implemented, which medications they will take, and where they will be hospitalized.

A shared governance model is an integrating structure that brings together nurses, physicians, interdisciplinary team members, patients, and family members. As a process structure of partnership between staff nurses and patients, a shared governance model provides the vehicle for improved communication, greater responsibility and accountability, and a way of coordinating, integrating, and facilitating care at the point of service.

Involve patients in their plan of care by:

  • Asking patients for their questions, concerns, or ideas
  • Asking the patient what their physician said and listening to the patients report instead of telling the patient what the physician wrote in the chart
  • Inviting patients to attend the interdisciplinary team meetings when the team members are discussing that patient’s care

Source: Adapted from HCPro’s book Shared Governance: A Practical Approach to Reshaping Professional Nursing Practice.


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