Blog spotlight: Hone your hiring skills

Nurse Leader Insider, January 12, 2009

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This week, Shelley Cohen, RN, BS, CEN, president and founder of Health Resources Unlimited in Hohenwald, TN, shares some practical tips for improving the interview process:

Selecting new staff to add to the team is one of the most important roles nurse managers play in relation to recruitment and retention, yet their interview skills are typically lacking. In order to improve the interview and hiring process, nurse managers must be educated and provided with the right resources:

  • Discuss interview scenarios in your monthly management meetings
  • Share what you feel is the most effective interview question at the meeting and ask other nurse managers to do the same
  • Ask management for reference materials that can help you improve your interview techniques and approaches
  • Demonstrate the importance of hiring for character versus hiring for skill through your own interview techniques
  • Work with other nurse managers at your facility to address interview options that involve staff
  • Request sample interview questions from management that prompt prospective hires to verbalize their skills, rather than having them show a certification card
  • Consult the human resources department for education on liability concerns during the interview process, such as those related to discrimination

How else can nurse managers improve their hiring skills?

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