Inside the news: Pennsylvania hospital recycles to save money

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, January 6, 2009

Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network (LVHHN) in Allentown, PA, is on the path to reducing its carbon footprint by becoming environmentally friendly with its trash.

LVHHN—a 2006 ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® redesignation recipient—has placed biodegradable trash bags throughout all of its hospitals and health centers. The hospital also purchased 1,800 recycling containers to hold paper and 400 containers to hold bottles, cans, and glass. To make sure staff throw waste in the correct containers, stickers marked “regular trash,” “paper,” “medical waste,” and “commingled” (bottles, cans, and glass) are placed on the containers.

With its focus on reducing waste to help the environment, LVHHN hopes to save $250,000 this year.
Source: Market Watch and Lehigh Valley Hospital and Network press release



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