In the mix: Envision a happy and healthy future

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, January 5, 2009

by Mandy Young, RN

Do you find you set New Year's resolutions that never happen? If so, there may be two reasons for this:

  1. You set yourself up for failure by trying to take on too many changes at once
  2. You lack a vision that will lead you toward achieving your goals

Creating a clear vision before setting goals generates excitement and energy that helps drive you toward completion. It isn't enough to imagine what you want your life to look like five years from now. Document it so that you can refer back to it when difficult times arise. There are many great ways to document a vision: write it in a journal, create a short movie and burn it onto a DVD, cut out pictures from a magazine and paste them onto a large sheet of paper, etc. Whatever form your visions map may take, be sure to consider how your health is going to affect your future.

My father had poor health for much of his life and my family missed out on a lot of opportunities because of it. When I envision my future, I think about having my own family and what I want my health to be like so that I can get the most out the experience.  I want to keep my new skinny body, but I also think about having healthy pregnancies and plenty of energy for playing with my children. The mission of my business is to help people dance at their children's weddings and cry at their grandchildren's graduation. The biggest price we pay for poor health isn't in medical bills; it's in the relationships we care the most about.

Where do you see your life five years from now? How is your health going to help you achieve your dreams?

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