In the news: Device helps unit drop noise levels in a flash

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, December 29, 2008

If staff and visitors in the medical-surgical unit can obey a traffic light, high noise levels will never again disrupt patients at Bayhealth Medical Center's Kent General Hospital.

Located in Dover, DE, the facility recently installed the TalkLight, a sound-level meter, to achieve a calmer, more relaxing environment for patients. The device, which looks similar to a traffic light, flashes green, yellow, and red alerting people in the unit of noise level changes.

A green TalkLight signifies noise levels are low, while a flashing yellow light indicates noise is on the rise. If noise levels get extremely high, the TalkLight turns red and emits a sound. As an added feature, staff can even set the device to be more responsive to noise levels during the evening hours.

The unit has also installed a wireless telephone and messaging system to cut out overhead pages that can raise noise decibels and disturb patients.

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