In the know: Discover your place in nursing

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, December 1, 2008

Some of us are lucky and find our niche in nursing early in our career. Others take awhile to test the waters to see what fits them best. Some nurses have been employed in the same unit at the same hospital for more than 20 years, and still love what they do and where they do it. They are the lucky ones and they are rare.

Here are some ideas for where and how to look for your niche:

  • With today's nursing shortage, many facilities look for ways to fill temporary gaps on units left by those who are on family leave or who have departed to fulfill a reservist obligation in the armed forces. Agreeing to complete a temporary assignment on another unit that interests you is a great way to meet your needs as well as the needs of the facility (as long as your unit can spare you from its roster).
  • Research the specialty's standards of care and any certifications that are required or preferred. Ask yourself: "Can I see myself doing this?" and "Am I prepared to complete the extra studies or practicum hours required of this specialty?"
  • Read the specialty's professional journal (every specialty has one) to get a sense of the area's hot topics.

Source: Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career, HCPro, Inc. 2008. Be sure to pick up your copy today!


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