In the mix: Should family be present in a code?

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, November 17, 2008

by Chelsea Bancroft, RN

So the other day I had to go to class to learn about ACLS. Over the course of two days, we learned the drugs and their dosages that we would use in the instance of a code. Thankfully, I did this because according to the nurses on my floor, we have a lot of them! Taking this class really made me comfortable with the idea of a cardiac arrest type situation (well, as comfortable as one can be).

But, it really got me thinking about something though: Should family be present in a code? I think this is a great topic and I know where I stand on it, but I would really love to hear other people's point of views.

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Since I have been a nurse for 35 years, I have seen many codes in that time. There has not been one of them that a family member should have seen. So much is happening at once that no one has time to explain what is happening to the family. It could be very traumatizing to anyone who does not have a medical background.

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