In the mix: Stressed Out Nurses hits the small screen--again

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, November 10, 2008

Fran loves the spotlight. Our cartoon nurse insisted on being on the top of the new Web site, on the cover of all the books in the series, and on all the T-shirts we give away at the NSNA conventions and as prizes to our contest winners. Still, that wasn't enough.

Fran wanted another YouTube video. Sure, the first one was viewed by more than 15,000 (and counting) sets of eyes. And sure, it helped put Fran on the map in the nursing world. But Fran wanted to share another adventure and, frankly, who are we to stop her?

So here is the second installment of the "Fran Files." In this one, Fran talks about some of the trouble she is having communicating as a new nurse. Patients, physicians, and the other nurses are giving her a bit of a hard time. Fran's grandmother (who looks eerily similar to Fran), like most grandmothers, is there to lend an ear. And to send some of Fran's favorite "cinny minny" cookies.

When you get a spare 91 seconds, take a look. And, as always, we'd love to know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Experiencing the same communication issues? Visit the newly redesigned and share your opinions with your peers and colleagues. The blog on our site now allows you to comment freely on any and all of our articles. Check it out!


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