Inside the Forces: Promote positive change with a research council

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, October 21, 2008

Nursing research is an integral part of the delivery of nursing care because it leads to evidence-based projects which, in turn, promote change and positive patient outcomes. In the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®, research falls under Force of Magnetism 6: Quality of care. With the new 5 Model Component, Force 6: Quality of care falls under Component III: Exemplary professional practice, Component IV: New knowledge, innovation, and improvements, and Component V: Empirical quality results.

To encourage research among your staff, use these three easy steps to start a research council:

  1. Select council members. Nursing research council members may include bedside nurses, managers, educators, clinical nurse specialists, a PhD nurse researcher, and other masters degree-prepared nurses.
  2. Organize the first meetings. Once you create your council, set up a date, time, and location for the first meeting and send out an agenda beforehand via e-mail. 
  3. Create an agenda. The first meeting agenda could include discussion on the following:
    • Voting on co-chairs of the council and their responsibilities
    • The council’s role in reviewing and critiquing nursing research proposals
    • Developing a nursing research policy, bylaws, and other policies and procedures
    • Discussing date and time of meetings for the year

Source: Adapted from Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: A Guide to Successful Implementation, published by HCPro.


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