Inside the Forces: Give nurses a voice

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, October 14, 2008

As you prepare to answer sources of evidence in Force of Magnetism 2: Organizational structure, which currently falls under Component II: Structural empowerment, you want to show how nurses at all levels are able to affect decision-making.

For example, provide meeting minutes from a series of meetings that reflect a decision facilitated by the CNO (e.g., a family visitation policy). Profile the path taken by this initiative through the shared governance structure. Include a narrative detailing the approach used by the CNO to integrate all levels of nursing in the decision-making process.

Source: Adapted from The Project Director’s Toolkit: HCPro’s Guide to Collecting Evidence and Writing Narratives for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®.


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