Web site spotlight: Engage your staff to increase satisfaction

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, October 2, 2008

By: Deanna R. Miller, RN, MSN/ED HCE, manager of inpatient units at University Hospitals Geneva (OH) Medical Center

We often hear the terms "engagement" and "employee satisfaction" interchangeably. Even though you are a great leader and truly care about your staff, it is often difficult to get them motivated and engaged in what they are doing. Here are some secrets to successful employee engagement:

  1. Eat lunch with your staff with an "anything goes" conversation.
  2. Plan an outing away from the facility.
  3. When they bring concerns, work related or personal, listen to them and make great eye contact. Always keep those personal conversations confidential.

Editor's note: This excerpt was adapted from "Engaging the unengageable," found in The Leaders' Lounge at Get a free trial membership that will give you 30 days to test drive all the exciting features on the Web site.


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