In the news: New program connects newborns with nurses

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, September 15, 2008

New mothers face a number of changes and challenges when they bring a newborn home from the hospital. In Durham, NC, a new program is providing some much-needed assistance.

Durham Connects, a program that provides free nurse visits to any Durham resident following the birth of a child, began in August. About a month after delivery, a nurse visits the new family to provide a physical, discuss important health issues, and provide a basket filled with newborn goodies, including diapers, a bath kit, and a baby toothbrush. Mothers can request up to three more in-home visits if they have concerns.

The program, which employs seven nurses, will be funded by the Duke Endowment for 10 years. The goal is to have 20 full-time employees by 2010, which will push the price tag of the program—including salaries and expenses—up to about $2 million.

Source: The Chronicle at Duke University


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