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Coding Item F0800: Staff Assessment of Daily and Activity Preferences

MDS 3.0 Insider, April 18, 2011

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The resident interviews for daily and activity preferences are preferred, as they most accurately reflect what the resident views as important. However, a small percentage of residents may be unable or unwilling to complete the interviews for Daily and Activity Preferences. If a resident, his or her family, or significant other is unable to answer three or more of the questions, the staff assessment of daily and activity preferences should be conducted. To help nursing home staff complete this staff assessment, the RAI User’s Manual provides the following steps:

  1. Observe the resident when the care, routines, and activities specified in these items are made available to the resident.
  2. Observations should be made by staff across all shifts and departments and others with close contact with the resident.
  3. If the resident appears happy or content (e.g., is involved, pays attention, smiles) during an activity listed in Staff Assessment of Daily and Activity Preferences item (F0800), then that item should be checked. If the resident seems to resist or withdraw when these are made available, then do not check that item.

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