Long-Term Care

Trainer’s tip: Bariatric care equipment needs

LTC Nursing Assistant Trainer, October 6, 2011

Many long-term care facilities successfully care for residents with bariatric needs. Because specialized furnishing and equipment are needed, many facilities have designated rooms or wings equipped for bariatric care. Facilities cannot admit a resident needing bariatric care on the spur of the moment like they would with a normal geriatric resident. Planning is needed. At the very least, the facility must:

  • Obtain equipment and furnishings. This includes specialized beds, fans, chairs, mechanical lifts, gowns, scales, and toileting and bathing supplies.
  • Modify rooms.
  • Develop policies and procedures.
  • Plan staffing needs. Residents who are in the bariatric population need a lower resident-to-staff ratio. The residents are much more time-consuming to care for than other residents. Two or more staff members will be needed to assist with many routine tasks.
  • Inservice the staff.
  • Make a commitment to providing proper bariatric care.

This is an excerpt from the HCPro book, The Long-Term Care Nursing Desk Reference, Second Edition, by Barbara Acello, MS, RN.

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