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Tip of the week: Getting to know Stage I of the QIS

Contemporary Long-Term Care Weekly, April 29, 2010

Stage I of the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) is the initial quality assessment to identify care areas and facility-level systems that will need a more thorough investigation in Stage II. The data collection tool contains a comprehensive set of more than 150 Quality of Care Indicators (QCI) used in Stage I to assist with identifying which care area will need the more thorough investigation, as evidenced by the QCI rate exceeding an established threshold. When a QCI exceeds the established threshold, it “triggers” a specific care area, which is then addressed in a Critical Element Pathway during Stage II. A Critical Element Pathway may be triggered during observations, interviews, and clinical record reviews using QIS review worksheets and task forms. The Stage I review and facility task review forms and task forms indicate which F-tag may be a possible deficiency, pending analysis of the information that was gathered. These forms include:

  • Stage I Review Forms
    -Admission Sample Review Worksheet
    -Census Sample Review Worksheet
    -Family Interview
    -Resident Interview and Observation
    -Staff Interview
  • Facility-Level Mandatory Tasks
    -Liability Notice and Appeal
    -Dining Observation
    -Infection Control
    -Kitchen and Food Observation
    -Medication and Drug Storage
    -Resident Council President
    -Quality Assessment and Assurance (QA&A)
  • Facility-Level Triggered Tasks (only completed if triggered)
    -Abuse Prohibition
    -Sufficient Staffing
    -Personal Funds

This is an excerpt from the HCPro book, The QIS Mock Survey Guide, by Frosini Rubertino, RN, CRNAC, C-NE, CDONA/LTC.

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