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CMS makes changes to MDS 3.0

Contemporary Long-Term Care Weekly, April 15, 2010

CMS posted new versions of the MDS 3.0 item subsets on its Web site April 9, along with a document containing questions and answers from the March MDS 3.0 training session in Baltimore. Included in the file containing the new versions of the item subsets is a document outlining the changes made to the forms, none of which seem to be drastic. According to this document, most of the changes were slight alterations to item labels, titles, and instructions. For example, in the new item subsets of the MDS 3.0, the title for Section O is Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs. Whereas in the previous versions, the title for Section O was Special Treatments and Procedures.

To see the recently released MDS 3.0 All Items Listing, Item Set Change History, and Q&A from the March training session, visit the MDSCentral Resources Page.

Also, for MacKenzie Kimball’s informational updates from the MDS 3.0 Train-the-Trainer Conference in Baltimore, visit the MDSCentral News Page.

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