Long-Term Care

Trainer's tip: Stay calm and don't forget about the other residents

LTC Nursing Assistant Trainer, January 13, 2011

When dealing with an elopement, it is critical that staff stay calm so as not to alarm the other residents. Never leave them unattended for more than a few second. When the missing resident is found make sure you:

  • Do not scold the resident or show anxiety as the individual is likely confused and frightened
  • Reassure the resident
  • Get the resident back into a regular routine as soon as possible
  • Contact everyone whom you informed of the elopement, letting them know the resident has been located
  • Assign a nurse to assess the resident as soon as possible
  • Document the elopement properly and get whoever found the resident to fill out an incident report

This is an excerpt from the HCPro book, The CNA Training Solution, Second Edition.

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