Long-Term Care

Trainer's tip: Dealing with an angry resident

LTC Nursing Assistant Trainer, August 13, 2009

If a resident becomes angry, there are multiple steps that CNAs are encouraged to take in order to reduce the potential for harm while attempting to diffuse the situation. Keep your mood, facial expression, body language, and voice calm, quiet, and relaxed. Do not argue. This will only increase the individual’s anger and cause the incident to get worse. Maintain eye contact. Keep a clear exit for yourself, making sure the angry individual isn’t blocking your way to the door. Use the skill of reflection. Reflect the individual’s feelings back to him or her to get a sense of what is causing the anger. Don’t pass judgment on someone’s words or behavior. Stay open minded and listen actively to hear the underlying feelings and concerns. After you have listened to the reasons for the individual’s anger, help him or her solve the problem or handle the situation.        
This is an excerpt from HCPro’s book, The CNA Training Solution, Second Edition.

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