Long-Term Care

CMS details infection control expectations with Transmittal R51SOMA

Contemporary Long-Term Care Weekly, July 23, 2009

Relocating F-tags 442, 443, 444, and 445 to F441, Transmittal R51SOMA provides a thorough explanation of the SNF infection control requirements and components of an effective infection control and prevention program. The revisions, which were released July 17 and take effect September 30, do not include any CMS regulatory changes. The level of detail, however, is substantial, with much of the 38 pages of material emphasizing procedures, surveillance, documentation, analysis, and education.

The transmittal, which issues policies in regards to infection control programs, preventing the spread of infection, and the handling, storing, processing and transporting of linens, also provides CDC definitions, investigative protocol for surveyors, and compliance criteria, as well as a brief overview of the role infections play in nursing facilities. The latter cites infections as the reason for almost half of all resident hospital transfers, resulting in “an estimated cost of $673 million to $2 billion annually.”

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