Long-Term Care

Trainer's tip: Creating a safe environment for wandering

LTC Nursing Assistant Trainer, July 2, 2009

To create a safe environment for wandering at your facility, consider doing the following:

  • Remove throw rugs, electrical cords, and other things that might cause a resident to trip or fall.
  • Arrange furniture simply and keep public areas uncluttered to provide room for walking. Keep the furniture arrangement consistently the same so the environment stays familiar.
  • Night lights may help at night. Ensure adequate lighting at all times.
  • Have residents with a potential for elopement wear an identity bracelet with name, address, and phone number.
  • Keep exit doors alarmed and check alarms daily to be sure they are working.
  • Do regular checks at certain times of the day and night to see if every resident that is supposed to be in the building is present.

This is an excerpt from HCPro’s book, The CNA Training Solution, Second Edition.

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