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Trends: Copay, out-of-pocket collection down in LTC

Medicare & Reimbursement Advisor Weekly, November 20, 2009

Results of six skilled nursing facility polls show some of the trends in LTC and indirectly suggest some potential opportunities for marketing and managed markets to explore. To view more details of any individual poll (e.g., sample, demographics) or to discuss LTC research needs, contact the editor.

NOVEMBER 4, 2009

Quick poll: Does your facility provide frontline staff with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) training? Of those that said no, 82% said this training is an unmet need but budget, staffing, and other operational issues have prevented facilities from implementation.

62%: No

37%: Yes

JULY 15, 2009

Approximately what percentage of residents in your facility are short stay? Short-stay residents are typically those who stay fewer than 14 days.

37%: 0%–10% are short stay

31%: 11%–25%

13%: 26%–50%

12%: 76%–100%

5%: 51%–75%

JUNE 17, 2009

Quick poll: Is your facility concerned about the Quality of Life F-tags that went into effect on June 12? The goal of these is to give residents a greater voice and choice in their care, environment, and experience in nursing homes.

61%: Yes

38%: No

MARCH 25, 2009

Due to the economic downturn, has your facility experienced difficulty collecting out-of-pocket payments from residents?

80%: Yes

20%: No

MARCH 11, 2009

Has your facility been targeted for a medical review in the last 12 months? The local Medicare administrative contractors or fiscal intermediaries who process claims can target skilled nursing facilities on payment, billing, and reimbursement problems.

70%: No

29%: Yes