Life Sciences

Nebraska P&T lifts fail-first policies

Medicare & Reimbursement Advisor Weekly, October 30, 2009

Nebraska Medicaid’s P&T reclassified galantamine to preferred among cholinesterease inhibitors, according to its meeting decision September 24. (See table below.) In addition, the committee renamed the antiemetic class so that it could be more specific to the type of antiemetic, such as cannabinoids and NMDA receptor antagonists. The committee also agreed to develop new clinical criteria for non-preferred NMDA receptor antagonist Emend® (aprepitant). Patients will not be required to fail another drug first, the committee ruled. Among bone resorption suppression and related agents, the committee decided that ForteoTM prescriptions did not need to require a fail-first of nasal calcitonin; clinical criteria for Forteo will be developed to reflect this.