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Idaho latest to sue Lilly because of Zyprexa

Pharma Compliance Alert, September 10, 2008

Add Idaho to the growing list of states to sue Eli Lilly for the way it marketed its antipsychotic drug Zyprexa.

The state accused Lilly of marketing Zyprexa for off-label uses and downplayed side effects, according to an Idaho Statesman article. Lilly denies the allegations and said it warned about the drug potentially causing diabetes and weight gain, so Idaho officials should not have been surprised by the side effects.

In April, Lilly agreed to pay the state of Alaska $15 million to end a trial to determine whether the company improperly marketed Zyprexa. At least nine other states have lawsuits pending against Lilly and the company asked that the Idaho lawsuit be moved to New York and consolidated with other state lawsuits.

Lilly is also in talks with the federal government to resolve allegations it improperly marketed Zyprexa and hid the side effects. 


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