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Stanford to stop accepting industry funding for CME

Pharma Compliance Alert, September 3, 2008

Stanford became the latest academic institution to limit how much funding it will accept from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers for continuing medical education (CME) courses, according to a university release.

In fiscal year 2006–2007, approximately 38% of the school’s budget for CME, or $1.87 million, came from industry sources. At the time, companies could choose which courses they would help fund. Under the new policy, companies can contribute only to a school-wide pool of money the university can use for any class. Stanford also said it plans to increase its use of campus facilities for CME programs instead of holding the courses at resorts or hotels.

The universities of Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Kansas, and California Davis also require companies to contribute to a pool of money for CME funding. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center stopped accepting industry funding for CME completely.

In June, the American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs issued a report urging individual doctors and medical institutions not to accept industry support for CME. In July, Pfizer announced it would no longer fund CME provided by medical education and communication companies.


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